Crystal Harris Playboy Gold Digger turned….

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Celebrities
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So whatever you think of Hugh Hefner and his Playboy empire, at this point in his life he’s basically just a lonely old man.  So, as he has always done for the last couple of years he’s had a way too young blonde floozy on his arm, see Holly Madison, Kendra and the rest of them.  Basically this was a good career move for them, hell as a Playboy centerfold they are a little famous, as Hef’s women they became uber famous, got TV shows and careers, good for them.  In general it was a mutually beneficial relationship, Hef looked virile, the girls got famous and made money.  No blood no foul.

The most recent blonde floozy was Crystal Harris, but this one was “truly in love” with Hef and so they had planned to get married, I think gold digger is the term.  Maybe it was the only way should could out famous Holly and Kendra.  Predictably at the last moment she got cold feet and called off the wedding.  Ok, if that’s the end of the story, no harm, no foul.

However, she didn’t stop there, now she is out trashing Hef including making fun of the sexual prowess of an old man.  Really sweet pea?  You’re making fun of how good Hef was in bed, has it not crossed your mind that you are a gold-digging geriatric whore?!  Who owes the fact that anyone knows who you are to that old man?  So in summary, blonde, floozy, gold-digger, geriatric whore who will be forgotten in a month, yeah, Hef’s the loser.


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