Total lack of situational awareness

Posted: July 19, 2011 in General Stupidity
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So one of the things that bugs the hell out of me is how clueless society seems to be these days.  Things I constantly bump into include the standard driving crap of people just not looking when they merge or just jumping out of turn at a 4-way stop, although some of that is people just being pricks.

A place I constantly see it is at the grocery store in the self-check lines.  No one in the grocery business is apparently as smart as the folks at Walmart and never installs  self-check lanes, they install 4 machines with no set way to line up.  So, people do a somewhat logical thing and they set one line and take the first open machine.  Inevitably when that line gets long someone will just walk up and go to an empyting machine or stand in line behind one completely oblivious to the 10 waiting people.  Worst thing, lot’s of time people just let them, well, not me, but others do.

However, yesterday at the Hartford Airport I saw an unbelievable lack of situational awareness.  A McDonald’s worker on break with her little smart phone out, got a drink at the soda machines, carefully filling her cup and reading her text messages.  Once she filled the cup, she did not move, she sipped her drink, kept scrolling through her messages, took another sip, finally with 4 people behind her a woman politely asked are you done?  Not the end of the story, she takes two steps to the right and continues, her back to everyone, now standing directly in front of the straws, lids and condiments. 

So, on the million to one shot that you are reading this sweetpea, let me fix your whole damn life, because seriously, if this is you, you’re fucked.  You’re life is going to suck if you are this clueless, get your shit together, pay attention, especially at work!!!  And put your damn phone away. 

Ok, mini-rant complete.


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