June Poetry Day 29 – Z Deacon Blue

Posted: June 29, 2011 in poetry
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June Poetry Day 29 – Z Deacon Blue 

So as we come close to the closing of our poetry month, I have decided to share some of my favorite and I think some of my best pieces.  Art Pepper, the jazz musician once said, and I’m paraphrasing, that he didn’t care what people thought of his music, but that his music made people feel, I hope my work does the same, enjoy.


Rice Paper Thin                  8/8/05
Rice paper,
stretched over mouth
wanting to say anything
knowing it will tear
everything fall out
Trying to hold it together
creasing the paper
in the ever exhausting effort
to maintain the image needed,
the limits exposed
bowing only to the match in my hand
that ignites the paper
burning all to ashes

The Vegan marine                                     3/01/09
I want to meet
the Vegan Marine
dial into his brain
see what he means
How does he do it
rectify the two
keep all this straight
while protecting me and you
He won’t kill food
no more meat
but he will kill a man
to support the drum beat
Maybe it makes sense
to the patriotic and true
but the fact he may exist
just makes me blue
How can I question
a real American hero
daring to question truth
has now made me a zero
America has changed
just asked Tommy Chong
you can even go to prison
for just selling bongs
Now my friends
if my words are true
be ever vigilant
the next one they come for, just might be you

Work Clothes                                  09/06
When I was little I knew what work clothes meant
Work clothes meant blue jeans, work boots and long sleeve shirts
Shirts to protect against telephone pole splinters and wire
Jeans for the same and boots to connect to climbing gear
Work clothes were for dad, they were his clothes
Then I got older and I knew what work clothes meant
Work clothes meant blue jeans and steel toed shoes
Jeans to catch the garbage juice and grease
Boots to protect against mower blades and truck tires
Work clothes for me, now they were my clothes
I wore those work clothes for a long time
Not as long as my father or his father before
But long enough
Now that I’m even older I know what work clothes mean
Work clothes mean pressed shirts and knit pants, silk ties
Pants that have to be dry cleaned, ties neatly hung
Pants that protect against nothing, ties to impress important men
Work clothes for me now, these are my clothes
Clothes my father never wore except for funerals and weddings
Clothes that cost big money and impress the masses
Clothes that have never quite fit a working class boy


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