June Poetry Day 28 – Short poems, McWilliams, Bradish, Blue, Khan

Posted: June 28, 2011 in poetry
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June Poetry Day 28 – Short poems, McWilliams, Bradish, Blue, Khan 

A series of short poems from several authors including the master of the short poem, Peter McWilliams, a couple from my friend Jax, one from me and finally one from www.onlyshortpoems.com by C. Khan.  Enjoy! 

Pieces of Soul by Jax Bradish

Remembrance of you,
Flooding into me,
Through my fingers.
Spinning my soul apart,
into so many pieces,
I lost count.
Each one recalling your scent.
Your Smile.
The feel of your hair,
and skin.
I still love you.
Now I am afraid.

July 1, 1993

Broken by Jax Bradish 

ah love,
how thou dost crush me,
beneath thy heel.
leaving me broken,
and bleeding in the dust.
screaming in agony,
and yet…
already begging for more.
i cannot breathe.
air fills my lungs
like heavy water
is it possible to drown on dry land?


Peter McWilliams

Excuse me.
I am currently afflicted with the world’s number one crippler.
Commonly refered to in non-medical circles as
Any spare comfort you have to give would be most appreciated,
although my ability to recieve may be temporarily impaired.
Thank you.


Ashes by Z. Deacon Blue                                                               4/4/09 

I hate money
fucking green paper
screwing with my life
burn it and it turns to ashes
For love or money
they say
love you say
of course
but poverty kills
kills options
kills dreams
kills people
has killed me
but call me phoenix
and watch for my rise
not much longer
will I dwell
with these ashes on my shoulders


Invisible by C. Khan

Can you hear me?
I touched you
Did you feel it?
I told you all my secrets
Do you remember?
I’m lost
Can you find me?
I’m dying
Can you see it?
I’m gone
Did you even notice?


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