June Poetry Day 27 – Z Deacon Blue Burning Man, Black Rock City Poems

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Burning man, poetry
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June Poetry Day 27 – Z Deacon Blue Black Rock City Poems 

I attend the Burning Man festival each year outside of Gerlach, Nevada and the playa is an amazing place for inspiration, first one of my favorites of the photos of shot out there and then some works inspired by the playa.

Playa Dawn

Loadie Bar corner                                                                         4/1/11

The night abnormally quiet
for a Black Rock backstreet
our group, not so much
we converged
on the glowing finger
making our way
passed metal ducks
memorialized burners
and skinny kitties
her Ozzness in residence
At the corner she sat
male friend at her side
me, a Scottish pirate
her, a virgin burner
our kisses decidedly French
the corner it turned out
had earlier been the scene
of a friend’s first playa orgasm
there are it seems
magic corners at the Loadie Bar
Playa moment                                8/05
Azure diamonds through a green silk sky
Rocking in the wind
my necessities tied to my head
Trance plays on
Big Mom writes what she must lose
Fire and dust and wind
Nothing and water and friends
Love and beauty and madness
Life on the playa
Playa time                                       8/30/07
It’s that time of year
playa on the wind
flying over cool sands
and even colder mountains
playa dust settles out
landing on my tongue
tasting the playa I turn east
find myself building structures of shade
convening costumes of fur and color
kilt from the closet
my black skirt as well
I hear the calls
as art and fire fill my mind


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