June Poetry Day 24 – Athena and Z Deacon Blue

Posted: June 24, 2011 in poetry
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June Poetry Day 24 – Athena and Z Deacon Blue

So today we start with a poem wrote to me, the first time that ever happened to me and for me, for that reason my favorite poem.  She would become a woman who impacted me in so many ways, opened me to my writing and has become without a doubt my muse.  So one from her and a couple about her, enjoy.

Untitled ~ Athena                         July 18, 2002

I dreamt of you last night
The room was dark but passions of white found their way from
walls reflecting the moon’s bouncing light
Light that placed shadows where it wanted and the
rich smell of soft vanilla exhaled from the single candle
that danced its burn of yellow over white sheets and red wine
There in the vanilla scent and sheer light and closed eyes
           You appeared.
You made the moon disappear
The taste of wine dull
Dancing shadows stopped to stare
Stars from darkened sky fell down
to the heavens of the room
Time gave up turning, the moments stayed
          You stayed.
We danced- body to body
breath to quick breath
long looks sending love
through pale fingers
and red lips
pale from the shock
red from the hunger
open eyes and open mouths
pain from wanting it all too fast
The desire- desperate never to end.
It ends.
               And with open eyes
               Hot sheets
               A lingering body
               The wonder of it is was real
               The reality that it wasn’t
               I blow out the candle
               Look at the clock- time passed
               I hear nothing but the hard rain pounding
               against my empty house
You left.
              Took the stars and the light that housed them
              And vanished from my dreams
              Taking all that made them rich and sweet with you
Return my night
Bring back the dancing shadows of you
that linger and light up my dark room
No woman should want me                                          08/01/08

I want for you to find a good woman
she said
as sincerely as any human could
The problem is
No other woman can truly have me
for you are in possession of
my heart
my soul
my mind
Hours never pass that you are not in my thoughts
though years may pass
before my eyes drink in everything that is you
No woman should want me
for another woman has me
Buk’s Parking Lot                                      2/17/07

A great evening
A nice dinner
a beautiful sushi selection
with an equally good bottle of wine
Conversation, as always
flowing like the rain coming down upon us
soaking through us
like the dog towel we used for an umbrella
We smiled, a lot
it was all too easy
always was
and our waitress
sensing the flow
played with us as well
and then
sensing even more
left us alone
We left the restaurant
content and happy
walking to her car
we smiled
we drove back to my hotel
my hand finding her neck
stroking her
reminding both of us
of the electricity between our bodies
my ignorance showing through
as I said goodnight
expecting a hug
one that as always
lasted too long
but not long enough
never long enough
not tonight though
Tonight there was no hug
tonight there was a surprise
she was on me
kissing me
my god, kissing me
blowing my mind
as my socks flew from my feet
my mind spinning
out of control
mouths touching
tongues tangled
finding my way to her neck
her shoulder
her breast
offered to me
my tongue tasting every part of her
tickling her belly button
but no lower
we touched
each other
we touched all of each other
all over each other
it was the touching
I hoped it would never end
so many things
even rain drops of window washer fluid
Morrissey, singing us through,
the passion of Buk’s parking lot


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