June Poetry Day 21 – Jax

Posted: June 21, 2011 in poetry
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June Poetry Day 21 – Jax

I met our next poet in the desert on the corner of 4th and J of a lovely little town called Black Rock City.  I know poets are generally thought to be on the softer side of things, but this little lady kicked my ass in the Thunderdome, so learn as I did and take her seriously.  A deadly combination of beauty and brains and beautiful words.

The Soldier by Jax Bradish

Dear God,
A million miles from home.
The sand has blown your tears away,
Swept them clean.
Do not kill with your heart.
If you must,
Use only your hands.
I love you.
You are a part of me,
Although we are strangers.
You are sitting all alone,
A gun to hold at night.
Let your dreams be full of peace.
Let your soul stay new in the heat.
I love you,
Come home.
The world doesn’t feel right,
With you so far away.
You held my hand as I first learned to walk.
You kept me safe.
I was cherished.
How did we grow so far apart?
Forgive me.
Come home.
You are my brother,
My friend.
You are cherished.
Who are these men playing God with your life?
How will it be,
Because of their hatred,
I never have a chance to know you?
I used to believe there would always be time,
A life after death,
No more.
There is only one time,
And one place,
I love you,
Come home.
You are my brother,
My friend.

November 18, 1990




It Could Be Different by Jax Bradish


Sometimes I see things,
In your eyes,
That you don’t know are there.
They tell me who you’ll be,
Far from now,
I wish I’d met you there.
Because he’s the one I can’t let go,
Yet he’s the one I barely know.

Oh how confused to love you here,
And now,
And also then.
Past present future turns as one,
Will I ever be the same?

I’ve held you close,
And seen my future.
I’ve kissed your lips,
And known my past.
I’ve welcomed you now,
Inside my body,
Is there any way to make this last?

Already though,
I know the answers,
To these questions that I ask.

So now I search,
Inside myself,
To find the strength I need,
To turn and walk,
A different path,
And set my spirit free.

July 1995



Where Do They Go? by Jax Bradish



When I think back,
To the day I lost the lie…
I saw the truth,
Before it slipped on by.

Where do all the dreams go,
When we open our eyes?
Where the hell do we go,
When we die?

They took me in,
And they told me to pray.
“Save yourself Sinner! You’ve lost your way!”
So I sang and I cried.
I’d have laid down my life.
But I wasn’t there when Christ was crucified.

Where do all the dreams go,
When we open our eyes?
Where the hell do we go,
When we die?

All their words screamed in vain,
About denial and pain.
And killing passion with fear.
About being judged in some bullshit trial after here.

Where did the love go?

Lose it.
Lose all the lies.
Just realize a small part of you dies.
And there is no truth to replace what is gone,
So just fucking keep on.

And when you die,
You will know,
Where it is,
That all your dreams go.

January 3, 1991



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