June Poetry Day 17 – More words from Z Deacon Blue

Posted: June 17, 2011 in poetry
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June Poetry Day 17 – More words from Z Deacon Blue

So today back to my stuff and a few of my own favorite pieces of my own work, I hope you enjoy them.
Addicted to Her                                                                05/23/08
She is liquid heroin to me
taking my distance
as I will often do
suffering the tremors of withdrawal
the pain of space, and time and distance
I begin to recover
crawling inch by inch
to that most tentative of safe spaces
Only to gain a taste
rekindling the addiction
the pain of need
the need of pain, of love, of together
sucked into the cycle
having to score a fix of her
again and again
obsessively doing whatever it takes
to have contact, a word, a scream
rock bottom is not so much a splat
but a thud
imbedded so deeply into the need
that there is nothing else

Crimson words                                                                                                 2003
If I bled
my words
straight out of my heart
crimson drop
after crimson drop
until they pool
congealing on the page
bright red, contrasting brilliant white
Would you then believe
this love
I have for you is real?
I never (long version)                                               9/21/07
The worst words
the cursed words
I never
I never saw you
in the first light
of morning
I never kissed you
sweetly, gently
as you cried
I never held your hair
as you prayed
to a porcelain god
I never pulled your hair
as you screamed
my name, oh god
I never fell asleep
hearing only your breath
as night overcame me
I never
I utter
the words clutter
my heart
bury my soul
send me to madness
a madness I never escape
without you
Indefinable kiss                                                                                                                                6/9/11
I want to kiss you
not so much as a lover
but a way
to physically
touch our souls together
to pass between us
that which is unknown
so that it may be known
not through words
or language
but the through
the simple gift of touch
and indefinable connection


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