June Poetry Day 14 – Back to Bukowski

Posted: June 14, 2011 in poetry
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June Poetry – Day 14 Me and Bukowski

So today, I’ve decided to come back to Bukowski and include an arrogant little piece of my own.  I say it is arrogant because together it is one piece an original work by Bukowski that I decided to add to, so enjoy it, or curse it for its arrogance but it is below.  My addition is in italics.  Additionally I’m posting a picture I shot at Bukowski’s grave.


Bukowski's Grave

My Arrogance to finish his words for Her                                             12/12/06
have we come to this?  ~ Charles Bukowski

Lord, boys,
it’s been a long time since we
sang a happy tune
from deep in our lungs.
somehow we’ve allowed them
to shut off our air, our water, our
electricity, our joy.
we’ve become like them: stilted, exact
secretly bitter, smitten by
what’s small.
Lord, boys,
we’ve not been kind enough to hippies and
harpies, to sots and slatterns,
to our brothers and

Lord, boys,
where has the heroic self

it’s gone into hiding, a scattered cat
in a hailstorm!
have we come to this?
have we really come to this?
as I open my mouth
to sing
a happy tune from
deep in the lungs
a black fly
circles and swoops

Lord! boys
Have we come to this
scribbling lines in a dead man’s tome
Hiding words you’ll hope she finds
secret lines for no one’s eyes.
as I write
to share
my words

Deep in my soul
A vulture circles
but coming close
passes on my bones

Lord have we come to this?


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