June Poetry: Day 12 our third reader submission

Posted: June 13, 2011 in poetry
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June Poetry: Day 12 our third reader submission 

Today we have a submission from Shevon, this poet has special significance to me, she’s a local poet where I live.  I’ve seen her read live several times and have read some of her other stuff, she’s really talented.  She also holds the distinction as the person who first got me to read live.  Enjoy 

The story of the Pretty Little Package



From across a crowded room it caught your eye.

Sitting there all alone up on the shelf. A pretty little package topped with a neat pink bow.


You were drawn to it, as you are to all pretty things.

You thought of all the wonderful things you could do with it

Once you got it home.


You brought it home and much too quickly you ripped

Open it’s pretty little package and unattached it’s pretty pink bow,

And afterwards…It came alive!


It spoke words and it had an opinion, worst of all it expected you to have an opinion.

Your jaw dropped when it spit out curse words like a sailor who’d just been discharged!

I mean, every other word was “fuck this” and “Fuck that”, And the one you hated most  “fuck you”.


Whenever you went into one of your fits of grandeur It started way too many conversations with the words, “ The problem with you is….”.

And in bed it yelled out, “ Hold up! Hold Up! But I didn’t cum yet!”


It drank beer like it was on tap! It laughed too loudly and smiled way too often, especially to those of the male persuasion.


It stole your thunder when it made your friends belt out with laughter with its witty and unfounded comments. But, it also loved just as hard as it laughed and it wasn’t ashamed to admit that it wasn’t such a pretty little package.


But you put it back into its pretty little package and put it back up on the shelf.

 way up high on the top shelf! Where it still awaits to be discovered for the gift that it is.


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