June Poetry: Day 10 our second reader submission

Posted: June 10, 2011 in poetry
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June Poetry: Day 10 our second reader submission

Two pieces today submitted by Monique, and back to what we talked about the first day of this month, what I like about a poem is the ability for it to make you feel, enjoy.

I guard the precious ache
in the dark madness
of love.
Did you know you
sent me here?
Spiraling down
over the years,
over and over.
I let myself
be taken on this
crazy ride.
Content to avoid
the sunburn of





i’m feeling impetuous, headstrong, and impractical. . .
When you get where
you’re going,
don’t forget to write.
Help me make sense
of us.  So I
can sleep at night.
We felt so good
count the days,
the suns, the moons.
I hold my breath
without regret
when you leave the room.
Your wander lust
takes you far,
many time zones
in between. . .
you go to bed
when I rise,
the space
left in my sheets.


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