June Poetry: Day 7 – A couple of firsts

Posted: June 7, 2011 in poetry
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June Poetry: Day 7 – A couple of firsts 

Today I’ve decided to wade into a couple of my pieces and appropriately I’m publishing my two first poems.  The first poem I ever wrote and then the first poem I ever read at a poetry reading.  Enjoy! 

March 28, 1985

To Dream and Wonder


On the outside looking in

Here I am, but then again

Alone I am, my only friend


Well liked but not loved

A social person, misunderstood


This I suffer, a dreamer alone

Above the rest but somehow below

I gain in knowledge, lose in friends


Where am I going?

Where have I been?


To dream and wonder such is my life




A Eulogy to amuse the penguins                   2006

People don’t want the truth
particularly not when death is at hand
they don’t want to know a life
can’t stand to see the warts
they want disneyanna
where at the end of the day we gather
and have a parade down main street America
My grandfather was a man
a hard man
a cold man
but he mellowed with age
hard jagged lines on his face
fading soft with his laughter
eyes lit as he talked about back in the day
He died in 1990 and I asked to do the eulogy
wanting to speak his life warts and all
but my bitch of a sister ratted me out
ratted me out to my aunt the nun
I suffered through the speeches
sister, aunt, father oh my
to my shame I acquiesced

But I was on the hook my friends
had to stand up in front
relatives, family, friends, nuns
So I chose to pick a slice
grab a day in the life
and this is the one I chose

My grandfather loved tomatoes and roses
and in the neighborhood was a challenged boy
a boy of 32 with a dad in his 50’s
the boy had trampled grandpa’s plants and he was pissed
he had the opportunity to see the boy’s father
never given to silence he spoke
of course grandpa spoke with his fists
like an 87 yr old warrior from the WWF
he came off the top step with a right cross
Grandpa went to scrappin in the street
he lost, hitting his head on the curb
I found my way to the hospital the next day
and asked him what happened
he said that guy had a roll of nickels in his hand
yeah grandpa, he was waitin for you
then he grew stone faced and paused
looking at me, seriously he said
I hit that guy in the gut with everything I had
and he didn’t go down, I might be getting old
and I laughed at the coolest thing I’ve ever heard
that day, my 87 year old grandfather just started to consider that he might be getting old

People in the church smiled,
but the penguins rolled in the aisles,
because they knew him best


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