June Poetry: Day 6 – Our first reader submission

Posted: June 6, 2011 in poetry
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June Poetry: Day 6 – Our first reader submission

Our first posted submission comes from Carl A. Patton a really thoughtful piece that I think you will enjoy


by Carl A. Patton

The Book revealed
many things, so
were the wretched.

They inhabited the
earth. Some were
brought to toil.

The soil was
Black coming up
from the bottom.

Some from the
Delta. Peaches did
grow. Some saw,

Alabama sunshine and
red clay hills.
The rivers were,

Wide. There was
also Mississippi the
Delta blues place.

The Tennessee experience
was from the
middle to the,

West. Upon bluffs
of Memphis here
the big river,

Came to pass
ships from southern
ports, and there,

Was Arkansas to
the west, many
horses roamed in,

Kentucky the blue
grass place. Black
hands became thoroughbred

Keepers. Black magic
groomed and rode
and stood outside,

Many winning circles.
The Smokies came
down from Appalachia,

To Cherokee runaway
hills To North,

The south saw
sand filled beaches,
islands and distinguished,

Black people. Some
took the big
river south to,

Where the creoles
and mulattoes, and
quadroons held illicit balls.

That was in
New Orleans and
new slaves where,

Society created concubines.
Many came by
river and sea,

To Louisiana. The,
Cajuns rested in
the swamps among

The extended river.
The French held
many faces. The,

Blacks came in
shades of white,
and brown and white.

Meanwhile many fields,
of white misery
filled the air.

I saw Black
hands, many calloused
and hard from,

Picking white fluffy
balls of supple
raw forbidden fruit.

Here the tears
fall with every
reach at life.



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