Harold Camping should be put in jail

Posted: May 24, 2011 in General Stupidity
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or maybe executed…

Harold Camping is the worst kind of criminal, he’s the type of man that preys upon the fears of men.  Everyone is afraid of death, everyone wants something to believe in and people like Harold Camping exploit these feelings to make themselves feel important.  Here is a man who did this once in 1994, he predicted the end of the world and salvation for the true believers.  Of course the world didn’t end, so what did he do, he said that God hadn’t revealed the whole truth and now he had a new date May 21, 2011.  He basically gave himself another 15 years to get people to give up their life savings, to foster his radio network and make money, he’s a criminal, pure and simple.

I’m not much happier about what I saw this Sunday.  Where three weeks ago Camping’s people were at the flea market handing out pamphlets about the world ending, this Sunday other Christian churches were out this week with pre-printed pamphlets and DVDs explaining why Camping was an idiot, and how their church truly understands the word of God.

I get why people need religion, and who the hell knows, one of the many religions out there might actually have the right answer, but I can’t get past hypocrites taking people’s money, time and lives while giving false hopes.  How many Harold Campings do we have to endure, how many evangelists railing against the evils of homosexuality who turn out to be gay do we need to see, how many of the pious do we have to put up with committing adultery or molesting children before we truly see what these people are doing.

Just a little rant inspired by all of the people who have been harmed recently by the actions of an evil man.

  1. Blynd says:

    So I hear about this end of the world thing from this Camping guy, Think nothing of it other then this is terrorism in it’s worst form, Then I hear people actually killer them selves over some one who was previously wrong about the same thing in 1994 I believe, This guy is a murderer and he smiles because he makes money off of it.

    Manson ended up in jail for this kinda BS so why not this guy?
    He should be held to his predictions as any one pretending they know the answer should, Not that I care people died over it… What bothers me is that he is being allowed to live free as a terrorist, How far is this guy from molesting a child or worse? Who knows he has probably done worse, Simple fact is he sleeps soundly at night laying on the death of others and we live in a world that protects this kind of person that prosecutes over petty things.
    You humans make me sick

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