Newt Gingrich explains why he’ll lose the election, Trump is out

Posted: May 17, 2011 in political stupidity
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So Newt Gingrich, shortly after announcing his candidacy for president also explained that Obama can’t win in a fair election.  He believes because Obama is a sitting president and raising huge amounts of money that he can’t lose.  Nothing like prepping your concession speech before you even get the nomination.

Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee have both bowed out of the election so the gallery of nut jobs that might be running for president is quickly thinning down.  At this point it’s the Gingrich – Paul show with a potential run by Tea Party darling Michele Bachmann or perhaps a late run by dark horse candidate Sarah Palin, although much like Huckabee I think she’s enjoying that Fox News paycheck a little too much to run.

I am really going to miss that Donald Trump isn’t running, I mean seriously, who else is going to personify crazy in this election.  Sure Gingrich, the hypocrite who was cheating on his wife while trying to fry Clinton for doing the same, has confessed his sins on Christian Television and will certainly provide us with a few good gaffs during the race.  But really, no Palin, no Trump this might end up being a very boring presidential campaign.


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