Fun Friday: Fun Theory and Singing Kids

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So it’s been a really long week and I’m late getting this posted and had no pre-set idea what to post today, so I did what we all do these days when we don’t know something, I googled it, that’s right, googled fun and found a site called fun theory.   It looks at the ways in which organizations, governments etc… have changed people s behavior by making the more desired behavior, more fun than the alternative, pretty cool.  Most of you have seen this type of thing with the piano stairs video that bounced around the web and is included on the site, here’s the link, enjoy:

And finally today a video of some funny kids singing, I love the first one, it’s somehow utterly bizarre and adorable and the end of his song is the real payoff enjoy:


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