Why society needs religion

Posted: May 11, 2011 in General Stupidity
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We all know him, the idiot who comes into work each day does a half-assed job, never quite does anything to get himself fired, just does a mediocre job.  Never seems to suffer anything ill for doing almost nothing.  We know of course the reward for working hard and doing an excellent job, they give you more work and more responsibility and very rarely the recognition or salary that should accompany it. 

I think the best illustration of this I have seen in my life was when I was a doctoral student.  Our written and oral exam process was a bear.  Several days, up to a week, of written exams lasting from 4 hours to all day.  Then an oral exam to cover the material you didn’t do so well on, basically a several hour intellectual smack down that typically left you doubting your very ability to think at all.  Of course, as graduate students will do, we would wait as a group and take the person who was suffering out for some drinks.  In our program there was a fragile girl, by far not the smartest of our group, and equally the most fragile.  So on the day she was taking her oral exam we waited for her and she came back way too early.  We all thought, there it is, they booted her out, but she looked happy.

We asked her how it went and she said,” it was easy, they were really nice to me.”  Of course the world rewards the competent with more shit and takes care of the fragile ones because they can’t handle it.  This is why religion exists, because the competent are forever asking the question, why should I?  Why should I continue to bust my ass, to be honest, why shouldn’t I use my skills and talents to take what I want and need, to take advantage of those I easily could.  A genius figured out a long time ago, and answered those questions thus, you will be rewarded in the next life, if you take advantage you will burn in hell.

There is no accident or surprise that all of the major religions have a hell, or a step back on the reincarnation scale, be bad and you come back as a worm!  Paradise, heaven and hell what a beautiful system, absolute genius.

Now my religious friends, before you jump my ass for challenging your beliefs remember this, this is America.  The beauty of our country is a person can choose their own beliefs without fear of persecution, I have mine and you have yours.  And before you think me weak-minded or twisted think about this, what does it take a man like me to be good and honest and kind when he does not believe he’ll be punished for being bad, or rewarded for being good.


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