Leopard annoyed by boy gets what he deserves

Posted: May 8, 2011 in General Stupidity
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That’s right, the link below will take you to an article about a seven-year old boy who climbed a 4-5 foot fence, crossed an 8 foot gap and then stuck his arm through the metal of a leopard’s cage.  Guess what, the leopard snatched him about the head and shoulders and tried to pull him into the cage.  Two adults came to his rescue and kicked the leopard through the bars until the cat let him go. 

WHAT A STUPID KID!!!  Don’t give me poor little kid didn’t know better, he’s seven, by seven years old you should understand DANGEROUS WILD ANIMAL.  I am betting that kid doesn’t do this again!!! By the way, good for the leopard, every once in a while the convicts win.



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