A little thing called science people: Global Warming, Evolution and the Moon Landing

Posted: April 25, 2011 in environment, General Stupidity
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There are three science topics that I hear discussed all of the time and it really irks me at one level and makes me completely sad at another as to how little understanding people have of science.  So let’s tackle the big three; Evolution, Global Warming and the Moon Landing.  Let’s be clear before you get into the details, all three have solid, solid evidence and for the record, evolution is occurring, the world is warming and man has walked on the moon.  These statements are based on the analysis of the data, not on my feelings, beliefs or political leanings.  The best example I can give you of what that means is this, I have felt fine and the normal indications of high blood sugar levels that include blisters on my feet, blurry vision, and getting up to urinate many times at night were not occurring, however, my blood glucose test came back showing my blood sugar is very high.  So regardless of my belief that it wasn’t high, the data shows otherwise, this is the case with these three issues.  Everyone would consider me an idiot if I were to say I don’t care what the data says, I’m not a diabetic or it’s just a conspiracy by the drug companies, you can’t believe the data.

First let’s look at Evolution, Charles Darwin is most often given the credit for the “Theory of Evolution”, that is incorrect.  Darwin was not even close to the first scientist to consider the possibility that species changed or evolved over time, he was however the first to put it all together and provide a mechanism, which he called natural selection.  Now there are almost no biologists and very few other types of scientists who don’t acknowledge that evolution is a fact.  Heck, the evidence that evolution occurs is so overwhelming that even creationists who disavow evolution typically agree the micro-evolution occurs.  The big argument for them is that species cannot evolve over time to create new species.   Contrary to what many of them claim, there is a ton of evidence showing the veracity of the evolutionary process.  There is still some discussion as to whether or not natural selection is the whole mechanism, personally I think it’s about 90% of the mechanism but that’s a much deeper discussion.  Below is a link to a site that will give you all the details on the evidence:


Next Global Warming, THERE IS NO DISPUTE WHAT SO EVER, THAT THE EARTH IS WARMING!  No one who can read a graph can argue with this, the earth’s average temperature has increased 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880.  I know, 1.4 degrees sounds like nothing, however that level of temperature change over the entire planet will soon:  leave Mt. Kilimanjaro snow less; has greatly impacted the glaciers of the Himalayas; and affected the arctic sea ice to such a level that Polar Bears may be facing extinction in the near future.    Here’s a link to the basics of what’s happening:


The only real question at this point is how much is human activity impacting the rate of warming, the evidence is pretty good, that it is significant.


Now the one that really pisses me off, the idea that we did not walk on the moon.  I’m not the only one who gets angry, astronaut Buzz Aldrin once punched a famous hoaxer in the mouth after the guy harassed the hell out of him.  This idea has so much proof behind it I don’t even know where to start.  First, thousands of people had to have been on the conspiracy and not a single person has ever come forward with any proof that we didn’t walk on the moon.  All of the crap the hoaxers claim, the shadows are wrong, the flag is flapping, the footprints couldn’t be formed have all been shown multiple times to be false.  Probably the most entertaining way they have been debunked was on a Mythbusters episode dedicated to this very question.  Wikipedia has a surprisingly thorough discussion of almost every aspect of the hoaxers arguments and the rebuttals:


Finally the most convincing evidence is the presence of retroreflectors on the moon.  These reflectors can be hit with a high power laser on Earth and return a high level signal from the moon.  This has been done literally over ten thousand times since the sixties.  So in order for the moon landing to be faked, there have to be thousands of conspirators at major universities all over the world participating in the hoax, I don’t think that’s happening, here’s a link to what the reflectors  are and do:



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