Easter, Bunnies, Pagan roots and overly sensitive, Christians, Muslims & NRA members

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Holidays
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So recently one of my Facebook friends posted a post on the Pagan roots of Easter and how the early Christians co-opted the holiday and turned it into what we know as Easter.  This is a common theme and I’ve blogged on it before below are the links to the similar posts I did on Halloween and Christmas.



The interesting thing to his posts were the responses, several of us chimed in with jokes ranging from Jesus resurrecting to give out eggs, to questioning whether or not Jesus was in fact, the original Zombie.  Now none of these comments were even remotely meant to diminish anyone else’s belief in the story of Jesus or Christianity.  However the responses that came in were vehemently defensive of the Christian religion.  Christians are not alone in this type of attitude and it reminds me of the way the National Rifle Association (NRA) members respond to any gun regulation and Muslims respond to using the image of Muhammad. 

The question that it leads me to is why are so people so damned defensive about their beliefs?  I mean really, what are Christians and Muslims so worried about, why is that someone else not sharing your beliefs is such a threat to people?  Are they all operating off of the NRA slippery slope argument, you know, that if you give the tiniest of inches all is lost!  Seems a bit silly to me.

For those of you who are interested about the Pagan origins of Easter here is a link below:


Finally, to clear up for the curious what the hell bunnies and eggs have to do with the whole thing, check this out:


Happy Sunday, Easter, Estre or whatever you might be celebrating today, even if it’s just a nice sunny Sunday afternoon.


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