Sending your child to school is a crime in Connecticut

Posted: April 21, 2011 in education, political stupidity
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Homelessness is a serious issue in America and I don’t think many of us can imagine the difficulty of living on the street and having to work hard each day just to scrap by with the barest of essentials.  Now, imagine that same situation while being responsible for 6-year-old child.  It brings images of the Will Smith film the Pursuit of Happyness  

Most people in homeless situations have a lot of problems, for some it’s purely financial, for others it’s mental illness and for even others it’s drug and alcohol issues.  Given this reality, a homeless woman in Norwalk, CT, who has taken the responsibility to help her child get educated.  Because she needed an address to enroll the child she used her babysitters address.  Now, her reward for being a responsible parent is to be arrested for theft and her babysitter has been tossed out of her public funded housing for being an accessory to education I guess.  What the hell is wrong with this country?!


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