Republican family values: Gingrich and Trump

Posted: April 17, 2011 in political stupidity
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So the field of potential Republican candidates or as I call them, the nest of cuckoos, gets ever more interesting.  Between Sarah “fight like a girl Palin” looking out over Russia or Michelle “the president is not our side” Bachmann rallying Tea partiers the circus is certainly in town.  However I think the most interesting aspect of this group at this point is that among the party of “Family Values” Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump currently have 30% of the party vote.

Really, the same party that has spent the last 30 years blasting gays for immorality, talking about the moral turpitude of America and particularly liberals is considering voting for Trump or Gingrich?

Trump has five children by three wives and has made public statements about how great sex was with his mistress and was in favor of abortion:

Gingrich has multiple marriages and is rumored to have had multiple affairs during his “illustrious” career.

What I think this shows particularly in Trump’s case is that Republicans are more interested in hating President Obama then they are in the potential governance ability or the morals of their candidates.  It’s sad that American Politics is now based on hate, not the good of the people.

  1. […] is being taken down by the family values crowd for having one marital affair, which is actually Newt Gingrich’s primary dating […]

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