Terry Jones, a burning Koran in Florida, Karzai’s gambit and Death in Afghanistan

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Afghan War, political stupidity, Terrorism
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This is not the first time I’ve written about Pastor Terry Jones in Florida, a man who calls himself a Christian Pastor but is in fact nothing but a hate monger and a media whore, my last post was so entitled and the link is below:


Recently Mr. Jones put the Koran on trial, judged it guilty and burned it in his church in front of his massive 30 person ministry.  You can read more about the sickening details below:


Happily, as you will notice by the date of the piece I linked to, the US media basically ignored this act, finally treating Jones with the level of disdain he deserved.  In fact I had also planned on ignoring him in this blog as well.  However, and unfortunately, this past week in retaliation to this blatant act of disrespect, Mullahs in Afghanistan fired up their congregations and in fact violence and deaths ensued.  The news however was not ignored by the media in fact it has been a lead story everywhere.  In condemnation of what Jones did, the media became an equal criminal by playing up how Muslims took to the streets and in an attempt to kills Americans instead attacked and killed UN workers.

However, this morning on CNN and also in several news outlets I found there was much more to the story.  In fact, this was not Muslims running wild and being unreasonable and violent as many people and much of the media want to portray it.  In fact, what fired up the Mullahs in Afghanistan was a speech by President Hamid Karzai in which he called for Terry Jones’ arrest, which in fact Karzai knew could not happen under American Law.   A political gambit by President Karzai that has back fired as Taliban elements in Afghanistan incited the violence that led to 20 deaths.


So at the end of the day, Jones, Karzai, the Taliban and the American media are all to blame for the misrepresentations of Islam and the deaths of innocent people.


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