Pearl, Kiffin, Hamilton are Tennessee’s three strikes and the Lane Kiffin curse strikes again

Posted: March 22, 2011 in education, General Stupidity
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So the University of Tennessee was one of the all-time solid sports schools in America, granted they typically had a strong football program and a less impressive basketball program.  Now, sorry Volunteer nation, that doesn’t mean Tennessee has run a clean program, not sure there is any such thing in division one sports anywhere in America.  However, one of the things Tennessee had going for it was a program that people respected win or lose.  Phil Fulmer was never one of my favorite coaches but at least he was a respectable guy.  I think you can say the same thing for Kevin O’Neill and Buzz Peterson, frankly I never cared for Jerry Green’s coaching ability or lack of program control.

However in the last couple of years Tennessee’s sports programs are beginning to lose all credibility, with the exception of Hall of Famer Pat Summitt and the women’s basketball program.  Phil Fulmer needed to go, his time was up, but Athletic Director Mike Hamilton has made nothing but terrible hiring decisions in the last several years.  First the debacle and curse of Lane Kiffin, an ok coach and great recruiter who also happened to be a liar, a loudmouth and had no honor or loyalty.  The only thing Kiffin had going for him was a great dad and a hot wife.  I’ve covered the Kiffin tale before and you can read more at the link below:

Hamilton’s hiring of Bruce Pearl on the surface seemed like a great decision; his energy along with his coaching and recruiting ability revitalized the Tennessee men’s basketball program and led the Vols to six straight NCAA appearances.  Now, after Pearl has committed several NCAA violations and the Vols got embarrassed by Michigan in the tournament, Pearl has been fired.  Looking back at Pearl’s past we see that he had these same types of issues at UW-Milwaukee, where just like at Tennessee he illegally invited a recruit to his residence:

So the real issue here is the judgment of Athletic Director Mike Hamilton who stupidly two days before the Vols NCAA first round game let it out that Pearl may be done only two weeks shortly after assuring fans the school stood behind Pearl:

I think the real question at this point is should Hamilton be out as well, and is this just more of the Lane Kiffin curse at Tennessee?  There may be redemption for Hamilton if he can hire a new basketball coach to be the equivalent of the class act that Derek Dooley has been with the football program, only time will tell.


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