Sustainable Sundays: A really great website for sustainable community

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Sustainable Sundays
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This week I have a short post that will focus on community.  When looking at or working towards a sustainable future it helps to do what you can in your own life and at your own home.  However, at some point we have to take all of this individual effort and turn it into community efforts.  This can happen at various levels and in a range of directions, this could include community gardens, community recycling efforts, local point energy, etc….

If communities are going to work on this level it will be necessary for there to be both community building and communication needs.  Both of these can be well served by the internet and social media.  On that front I have a recommendation of a site to check out today if you are interested in trying to build sustainability into your own community, is an excellent resource to use for your efforts in this endeavor.


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