Why we will do nothing about Libya

Posted: March 11, 2011 in General Stupidity, political stupidity, Terrorism
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Unless you are living under a rock and if so thanks for coming out to read this blog, you probably know that the most recent of the countries to be having a little revolt is Libya.  A country run by the ever highly entertaining, dangerous, insane bastard by the name of  Muammar Gaddafi or Khadhafi, it seems like each news organization picks a new way to spell his name.  The link below will give you a little background on this madman and his past atrocities which include sponsoring the terrorist who destroyed a flight over Lockerbie, Scotland which included killing one of my friend’s siblings.


Without a doubt Gaddafi is a bastard who in seeing what was happening to Saddam Hussein decided to give up his WMD programs in order to pacify the Bush Administration.  He’s insane, not stupid.  He bought himself a place outside of the spotlight and stayed tucked away in his little corner until the recent uprising.  Now, his people, seeing the successes in Tunisia and Egypt decided it was time to take the tyrant down.  However Libya is not Egypt and Gaddafi has not been above hiring mercenaries, killing civilians or using airpower and his military to subdue his citizens.

So today both the EU ministers and the NATO Alliance folks sat around and debated what they might do.  Of course they will do nothing without a mandate by the United Nations.  The fact is, that by time they get around to seriously considering doing anything Gaddafi will quite literally have crushed the opposition.  Libya is small potatoes in the oil business, a small country that accounts for only 1-2% of the world’s oil supply so in the end, unless the French oil companies doing business there can truly pressure NATO, we will watch the Libyan people get crushed.  Gaddafi and his family know this and they are so sure that they are brutally bombing, torturing and killing their citizens to put down this revolt.  As usual, in order to see what drives the events of history, we need look no further than the financial impact on the military industrial complex and Libya just doesn’t register a large enough hit.


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