Conservative hypocrites and a high sugar tax

Posted: March 8, 2011 in political stupidity
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There has been a TV commercial on lately that has been annoying me to no end.  It has a nicely dressed woman shopping in the grocery store while she lectures us on how government should stay out of her kitchen, she should decide what her family eats and drinks.  The ad is a push back to the idea being floated in many jurisdictions around the country to add an additional tax to high sugar drinks and foods that contribute to obesity.

Now, my libertarian nature finds me in complete agreement with this woman and this commercial.  I mean unless an industry is actually providing addictive material, like the tobacco industry, I think it should be left alone.  If people eat fast food and drink too much high fructose sugary drinks so be it, if they get fat, ill and die, ok that’s the consequence.  Now, I also don’t believe that the fast food industry should be open to law suit for serving non-addictive bad food.  I mean hell, what’s next, are we going to launch a war on Baskin-Robbins? 

The problem I have with this ad is the hypocrisy; this commercial is being put forward under the idea of keeping the government out of my kitchen.  However, these are the same people, who are in favor of allowing the government into a woman’s life and deny her the right to have an abortion, don’t want Planned Parenthood to be funded for sex education, pregnancy and disease prevention or allow two people of the same-sex to marry. 

So I guess the kitchen is the most sacred room in the house because they don’t mind having the government in our bedrooms or married lives.  Hypocrite is the word you’re looking for right now.


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