Violence in American Sport

Posted: March 7, 2011 in General Stupidity
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Recently I was reading an article on how the National Hockey League is clamping down on violence because a former player, an enforcer, has died of a brain disease believed to be linked to the violence.  This follows on a long season in the National Football League where the league’s emphasis was on reducing head blows and injuries related to players taking vicious hits.  There has been lots of discussion around this point and many of the pundits from both sports have talked about how the fans really don’t want the brutal violence, they want to see nice clean sportsmanship.

Some players took a lot of flak for saying otherwise, including a wise-crack made by James Harrison prior to the Superbowl where he said, if possible, he’d happily tackle the Green Bay Packers onto soft mattresses.   The fact is in my observations I have come to view our sports like football and in particular hockey as modern-day gladiator fights.  We see ourselves as more civilized because we patch our gladiators up, pay them millions of dollars and ruin their post sporting lives.  But none-the-less it is violent gladiator sport and if my words haven’t convinced you then let this picture taken from the LA Times speak its thousand words, take a good look on the expression of the young man’s face.

Look at the kid's face


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