Yup, Congress still sucks!

Posted: March 5, 2011 in political stupidity
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I’m not too thrilled with Obama either at the moment. So, our economy sucks, I think we all understand this as we look around and see friends, family and co-workers unemployed and struggling to make ends meet. The economy has killed possibility for a lot of people, without the opportunity to sell their homes, seniors are unable to downsize their expenses and many people can’t find work somewhere else when they own a home here they can’t sell. It is budget season in Washington DC and the same old, stupid budget wrangling is going on. The President softball pitches his budget where he totally ignores the big entitlement programs which everyone knows have to be impacted in order to reduce the deficit. The Republicans attack him for not proposing cuts to those programs but they ignored the budget commission report that said to do exactly that. Instead the house goes out and attacks projects funded by Nancy Pelosi, punishment I guess for her doing exactly the same things they do when they are in charge and that makes them both wrong. When this “new wave” of senators and representatives were voted in during the last election there was lots of talk about doing things differently in congress, just like when Obama was elected well, that hasn’t happened. There will be another chance to show that they are still at least sane. A vote is coming up on the debt ceiling, if we don’t extend the ceiling we’ll trash our credit rating. Why you ask? Well we will exceed our current debt ceiling because of budget mandates we’ve already created. So eventually we will have to up the debt ceiling, this does not prevent us from serious cost cutting in the future and bringing down the deficit. So in the end, shutting down the government and ruining America’s credit, which is what not extending the ceiling will do, is nothing but a political stunt, with negative consequences for all of us.


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