Charlie Sheen a true American

Posted: March 1, 2011 in General Stupidity, Television
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Ok, so everyone has an opinion about Charlie Sheen and the television show Two and a Half Men.  Personally, I enjoy the show, it has solid writing and a great cast and it makes me laugh.  It’s brain candy, stupid jokes, pretty girls and a lot of clichés, a pretty typical sitcom.  I’ve actually been taken to task by several women for even watching the show as Charlie Sheen is a horrible man who treats women terribly.  In fact I don’t disagree with them, Charlie Sheen is not going to win any awards as a humanitarian, not sure any of the women he’s been with would either.  However, I have a problem with selective morality particularly as it applies to entertainment.  We have killers in the NFL, there are at least a couple who have vehicular manslaughter records.  We have numerous incidents of athletes, actors, musicians, ets…who have domestic violence, physical abuse and other records.  Hell, even Willie Nelson has been busted numerous times for marijuana possession and Tommy Chong went to federal prison for selling bongs.  So my question to everyone criticizing Charlie Sheens employment on a television show is how moral do you have to be to be an entertainer?

I’ll give Sheen points for one thing, he doesn’t care, he understands that no matter how much of a mess he is, he’s worth money to the networks.  Also, really, the networks are surprised Charlie Sheen went off the rails?  It’s not like he wasn’t already a confirmed psycho, porn star loving, drunk and drug addict before they hired, hell it’s why the hired him.  Because in case you have never seen the show, he plays an immature, prostitute using drunk on the show.  So I’ve got no sympathy for the rich Charlie Sheen or the even richer networks, they should both just shut up and entertain me.  At some level Charlie Sheen is just a typical American, he’s doing what he can get away with and as long as you are pretty and successful people will forgive you so he’s going to keep on doing it.

  1. harriett kane says:

    i agree 100% one of the most entertaining shows today i never miss a show

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