Closing Sesame Street to make room for Limbaugh’s fat ass!

Posted: February 20, 2011 in General Stupidity, political stupidity, Television
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 Now I know what my conservative friends are going to jump on, hey, Limbaugh is on the radio and Sesame Street is on TV.   Yes, I know this, but I have to wonder if the Republicans would be going after Sesame Street if the show was full of little white kids who didn’t recycle or try and learn about different cultures and instead went out shooting in Alaska.  Maybe the real issue with PBS is that shows like NOVA talk about actual science and dare to discuss the concept of evolution.   Or maybe that PBS has actually dared in the past to show foreign TV like Doctor Who or Monty Python.  And to I have to say anything other than Masterpiece Theater?  

I know the argument on the other side, TV shouldn’t be subsidized, the problem is if we don’t subsidize TV, apparently we end up with the Kardashians, rich wives TV, Jersey Shore and bullshit science shows that are more entertainment than science.  Hell we should support PBS for no other reason than the fact that  it is Snooki free. 

When I was younger there were two multi-part shows that had a major impact on me.  The first was Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, it was awe inspiring, an amazing series that brought the universe into my living room and did so with accurate and fascinating science.  The other was Ken Burn’s Civil War, using pictures, letters and interviews with history legends like Shelby Foote the show gave an in depth history lesson to the causes and actions of the civil war.  There were no re-enactments, no blood, no lurid sex scenes so let’s face it; it would have never been green lit for commercial TV.  The idea that we can’t subsidize this sort of television, when we subsidize the oil industry is just criminal.


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