Obama the big government socialist

Posted: February 16, 2011 in political stupidity
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So President Obama put forward his latest budget proposal and I have to say this president is totally a big government socialist.  First off, he has suggested cutting home fuel assistance to poor people; this will primarily hit low income families and the elderly in the Northeast.  The President has proposed a five-year freeze on discretionary spending which will certainly halt any expansion of government.  In a further socialistic move the President is proposing a cut to the Federal Pell grant program which is financial aid used to support the poorest students going to college; the program will no longer provide Summer School grants.  Obviously I’m being sarcastic, but I doubt these anti-socialistic moves by the President will reduce the socialist name calling anymore than his Hawaiian birth certificate has stopped people from calling him a foreigner.   For more details on the President’s proposal you can read more at the following link.


Of course there is one legitimate criticism of the President’s budget at this point and that it doesn’t address the major entitlement programs like Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid and of course leaves the military alone as well.  The Republicans wasted no time in jumping on this point but will see what they actually propose for the four sacred cows of the budget that the bipartisan budget commission recommended addressing.


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