Why is Congress special, a bullshit moment of silence.

Posted: January 10, 2011 in political stupidity
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It amazes me how we continually make congress out to be so damn special.  I think the events that occurred in Arizona this past week are horrendous.  It’s an incredibly sad thing to see 6 people killed, a dozen or so wounded including a congresswoman. You can read more about that in one of my previous posts:


 I get the excessive news coverage and the endless talking heads we will now suffer on everything from the effects of angry rhetoric to gun control with everyone of course taking their same old tired positions.  But what has me annoyed today is a national moment of silence, what a bunch of bull.

 Why did the president ask for a moment of silence today, because 6 people were killed, because a child was killed?  I don’t think so, or else we certainly would have had a moment of silence over either of these events:

 New Years Day fire in Washington State kills father and 4 children:


 Kentucky man kills wife, witness and self over badly cooked meal:


All of these people died tragically, some violently, in Washington State on New Years Day four innocent children died, but none of them nor thousands of other people violently killed in the past year got a national moment of silence, why?  It’s simple hey didn’t have the good fortune of getting killed standing next to a congresswoman, their deaths did not deserve less attention or respect.


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