Sustainable Sundays: Meatless Mondays

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Sustainable Sundays
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Those who wish to change the world for the better should not begin by vilifying the public they seek to persuade, or by confronting it with a task that appears impossible.  Theodore Roszak

This may seem like a bit of a weird title and no I’m not just trying to list the days of the week with interesting adjectives.  What I want to talk about this week are two concepts, your carbon footprint and your consumption of saturated fat.  The idea of meatless Mondays originated some time ago and it’s the idea that foregoing meat one day a week is a healthy idea.  Now granted it also has an environmental by-product as well, the meat industry is a very impactful industry.  By having one meatless day a week you get the benefit of helping the environment as well as reducing your net consumption of saturated fat.  Here is a link to a post describing the idea in a little bit more detail:

This is my type of environmentalism, not just doing something for the sheer goodness of the idea but because it has real personal and environmental benefit.  I’ve been doing this for about 6 months now, and I’d like to tell you I’ve realized all kinds of miraculous benefits, I haven’t.  But, I know that I am eating in a more healthful way and that’s not all bad.  Also, I treat this as no meat Mondays in its strictest sense, this is not Vegan Mondays, I still allow myself to eat eggs, and occasionally fish.  The one benefit that I have found is that the effort has added some diversity to my cooking and diet and that’s a good thing.

To get some more information on the environmental impacts of the meat industry you can check out the link below:

Finally, I apologize for some of the trendiness of this idea, apparently Paul McCartney has jumped on this bandwagon and frankly it’s a bit annoying.  McCartney is an amazing musician and artist, but he’s also become an annoying environmentalist and animal rights person, hell he was the least interesting Beatle so why should we care what he says.  Nonetheless I think No Meat Mondays is still a pretty good idea.


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