Mystery Bird Death, the Sky is Falling – Part 2

Posted: January 5, 2011 in environment
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In keeping up on this story, you can see my first post here:

I read and article in the NY Times today, the article was good, no new information but what was really spectacular were the comments in the comment section that went everywhere from truly nutty to Apocalyptic to really reasonable. My favorite two explanations, the birds crashed into either a cloaked Klingon Vessel or Wonder Woman’s invisible plan. I’ve lumped the statements into categories and I’ve quoted them as they appeared with the links they included although I did correct the spelling errors.

First, there is a lot out there to show that this has happened before, globally and often, that suggests either this is not so out of the ordinary or a really huge global problem, I’ll let you decide which it is:

“No mention of the bird kills in Argentina and Sweden also this week? Is this some sort of experiment gone wrong?



“This article is highly misleading, as it only looks are the USGS records for the last six months. Going back there are MANY incidents on the USGS web site of 5000 or more birds. Example 10/15/1999 – Sangamon Co – 27,000 birds.

“ In Australia this phenomenon occurs yearly. I don’t know if these birds are migratory birds, but here is what was reported last year:

Next a post from someone in the area who puts forward the hypothesis I included in the first piece:

“I live in Arkansas. In the NW part of the state. I have read on other sites where they suggest a concussion of some sort from hail or possibly hit by lightning. What I can tell you is we had some very nasty storms come through new years eve (in the NW part of the state, Bebee is more toward the eastern part of the state, central and east), but Im sure the storms probably made it over there. We had very severe weather, in fact just miles from my house an entire small town was wiped out from a tornado. So this suggestion is plausible.”

On the fringe side of things there was a lot of mention of chemtrails, government black ops technology projects, UFO’s and the biblical end of days. Below is the one interesting post from the fringe, although I know nothing about the so I’m not going to credit the source as valid in any way, again for you to consider:

Run for cover…Americgeddon is upon us!


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