Even Scientists Don’t Believe in Global Warming

Posted: January 1, 2011 in environment, General Stupidity
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“Even scientists don’t believe in global warming,” said this older woman to me today.  Well, that can’t be true I said because I’m a scientist and I know the world is warming.  She told me I was wrong she saw it on the news.  People, don’t get your science in 30 second sound bytes from CNN or Fox News, science is complicated and in fact it actually takes more than 30 seconds to explain a complex idea like global climate change.

Shallow thinking will kill us all.  Honestly folks I need some help on this, how do we get people to think deeper than a sound byte?  I think the reason newspapers are dying out is because they can get the written equivalent of sound bytes off of the web and not have to read any deeper, plus there’s a lot more celebrity gossip on the web.  I’ve even had some interesting comments about my blog, comments that were obviously made about nothing but the title of the post.  How do we get people to stop and consider the complexities of the world we live in?  I’m not sure we can, I’m a cynical bastard and honestly I don’t think people want to know, they just want to bitch.

The woman after she realized I vehemently disagreed with her and knew a bit about the topic decided to end the discussion by saying, “I guess it all comes down to which side of the (political) fence you’re on.”  I reminded her that science is not about political position but about data.  Every time I have a conversation like this I feel closer and closer to folks at NASA who have to put up with the whole, we didn’t go to the moon bullshit.

For those of you who want to argue the global warming idea you’re stupid.  The world is warming, that is a fact, look at mean global temperatures over the last 200 years they are increasing, no scientist who can read a graph can argue with that fact.  The argument is about how much of the increase is as a result of man’s actions.

Of course some people will still argue it’s not warming, I mean hell it snowed in Vegas the other day.  So my question would be if it isn’t warming why is the Antarctic Ice Sheet melting, why aren’t the seas in the arctic freezing the way they used to, why are mountain glaciers disappearing – have they gone on vacation?

Below is a link to some comparative photography using old photos with new photos taken from the same vantage point:


Recently in the news you see things like oh the IPCC said the glaciers would melt by 2035 and they’ve had to retract that statement.  People jump on this to say, see global warming is bullshit.  In fact, the number 2035 was wrong, maybe it will be 2050, but having the year wrong doesn’t change the simple fact that they are melting.  Sometimes I think the human population deserves to die some horrible environmental death for being so damn thick-headed.  Happy New Year.


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