Welcome to Sustainable Sundays

Posted: December 26, 2010 in economy, environment, Sustainable Sundays
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Welcome to Sustainable Sundays

If you read this blog regularly you know I have a standing Fun Friday post where I try to post something to raise a smile for anyone reading the blog.  Starting with the first Sunday in the New Year I’ll be posting a Sustainability post each Sunday.  Sustainability is not only a vital and currently popular issue in America but it is the field that I was educated, trained and worked in as well as an area I’m currently very involved in.  The point of these blogs is not to convert anyone to a new environmental ethic, or make anyone feel bad about the way they live.  Instead my focus will be to educate folks about some of the issues related to sustainability, provide some ways in which you can live more sustainability and hopefully show how the triple bottom line concept of sustainability provides good things on the social, environmental and economic fronts.

One of the things I think it will be important to remember and so I will add to each sustainability post, is the definition of sustainability that I operate under.  The original definition of sustainability is ecological sustainable economic development, the concept from its inception links economics and the environment.   I’m posting a link to a few early posts from this blog to give you some idea where I’m coming from on these types of issues:





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