Twisted Christmas: Why I don’t like Christmas

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Holidays
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I don’t like Christmas and if you say that you get a lot of crap from folks, how could you not like Christmas?  Well the fact is we decide what we like or don’t like by the experiences that we have related to anything.  So, as I posted several weeks ago, I really love Thanksgiving because of the good memories and feelings I have associated with that holiday, you can see that post here:

So likewise, when I think back to Christmas my memories are not so fond.  Christmas was always the time of year that raised the tension bar in our family to unacceptable levels and made everyone overly emotional, even me.  Throw in some alcohol for good measure and bring a bunch of folks together who normally wouldn’t socialize and you’ve got a recipe for argument and hurt feelings.

Lay on top of that, that I figured out there was no Santa Claus when I was about four-years old and the majesty and the magic of the season starts to wane.  The last straw, my break with the traditional tenants of Christianity pretty much eliminates December 25th as any kind of significant holiday in my life.

Now, of course, I do participate and I love giving gifts so I do spoil the hell out of my nieces and nephews and briefly get together with family.   The folks I do admire the most this time of year are the ones that bake cakes and celebrate Jesus’ birthday, since that is supposed to be the focus of the season.

So if you celebrate it, Merry Christmas, and have a great time, may your holiday be wonderful and bright and if you can’t conceive of how someone can dislike Christmas, take a gander at a clip from Gremlins:


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