So apparently Sarah Palin shot a caribou on her reality show.  Unfortunately I haven’t seen the episode so I can’t speak to the manner in which former governor Palin carried herself but that doesn’t seem to be the issue that is getting headlines.  She seems to have been taken to task for the brutal concept of hunting, her response was basically that if you are wearing leather shoes, or sitting on a leather couch or eating a hamburger you’re being hypocritical for criticizing someone for hunting.  I have to agree with Sarah Palin, yes, I said it, I agree with Sarah Palin.  Now Aaron Sorkin took umbrage with former Governor Palin’s response and has said he’s ok with eating meat or wearing a leather belt but isn’t up for torturing animals.  You can see his comments at the link below:

Now just by using his own words Aaron Sorkin is a giant hypocrite, unless of course the cows killed to make his burger, or his belt were gently lulled to sleep and somehow humanely killed.  Maybe Aaron Sorkin doesn’t actually know how cows are killed in the slaughterhouses, on the off-chance he’s reading this article, I’ve provided some information at the following link, fair warning, PETA freaks probably shouldn’t click on this link, it will be too much for your delicate constitutions:

Dear Mr. Sorkin, as you can see on the link they fire a bolt into the cow’s head and then cut an artery and bleed it to death.  I realize in your eyes this is radically different from firing a bullet into the heart and then bleeding the animal, but I have trouble seeing the difference.  Oh wait, that’s it, the animal shot during hunting was living wild and free, the cow was restrained in a metal box and was assassinated. 

Now, I’m a carnivore and a hunter, I wear leather and I try in my life not to be a hypocrite.  If you are going to eat meat and wear leather, actually if you are going to eat at all you must recognize that we kill to live.  Yes, even PETA freaks, vegetarians and vegans, we all kill to eat.  We kill and eat plants and animals, the only people who don’t kill to eat would be someone who is fruitivorous and I don’t think I’ve ever met a fruitivore.

On top of that we all kill everyday, we destroy bacteria and viruses, we even step on bugs.  So let’s get off the hunter’s backs, what they do is more honest than what the rest of us can claim, they actually know where some of their food comes from.  Now to be clear, I’m talking about hunters who eat what they kill, not sport hunters who waste what they kill, which is a very small part of the hunting population.  As a matter of fact the Lyme Disease epidemic in this country:

is related to increasing deer populations which correlates with a reduction in hunting in this country.  Activists have succeeded in making hunting unpopular, but every action has consequences so the idea that stopping hunting has nothing but good implications is truly faulty.  PETA the largest hypocritical organization on Earth next to perhaps McDonalds, has been one of the groups who has actively tried to end hunting in America.  I’d have some respect for them if it wasn’t for the fact that PETA themselves actually kills animals, you can see more at the Newsweek link below:

So let’s recap, Sarah Palin good, PETA bad, well at least on this issue, my conservative friends shouldn’t get too excited this is far from me endorsing little miss I can see Russia for president.


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