Hey Congress, I’m one of the people, why do you want the terrorists to win?

Posted: December 2, 2010 in political stupidity
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This week I’ve been hearing a lot of politicians and talking heads saying that the people have spoken and they want…  As a matter of fact I’ve actually heard one say, “The American people are not afraid of gridlock.”  Today the Republicans in the senate sent a letter saying that they will not work on any other legislation until congress agreed to pass a bill continuing the Bush tax cuts for not just the middle class but the wealthy as well.  They also essentially said in an op-ed piece today in the Washington Post that people did not vote for cooperation in the last election.  You can read the op-ed at the link below:


So I guess what Washington and the Republicans think we want in Washington is gridlock and political games and not real results.  Well listen up you damn clowns, what the American people want are for you to stop stealing our tax money in the form of your salaries and actually work!!!  So the Republicans won’t work on anything but restoring the Bush tax cuts or a spending bill to keep the government working.  So until that happens, what will you be doing, sitting around chatting on Facebook?  Maybe sending elicit texts to pages, hanging out in men’s rooms and tapping your feet  or having sex with interns?  Seriously, where can I get a job where I can say, hey until we work on this particular project I’m not doing anything, just pay me to sit on my ass and collect a check until I get the project I want.  My God these idiots actually think we want them to not work until the end of January when they return from their Christmas break.

No matter what your political bent is, I can’t imagine anyone doesn’t want the United States Government to ratify the Start nuclear treaty with the Russians.  I mean this does radical things like creating a more stable system of verification so we actually know where all of the nuclear material is located.  Hey if we are so damn worried about terrorists getting a hold of the materials to make a dirty bomb, this is a great way to stop them and know what material is actually out there and missing.

So my question to Congress is this, why do you want the terrorists to win?  I’m sick of hearing how weak the so-called “liberal” Democrats are on terrorism and now here the Republicans have a great opportunity to shore up our national defense in regard to terrorism and what do they do?  Tell us that we voted for them to do nothing and go on vacation.

And if my word isn’t good on this maybe a Republican, four star general, former Secretary of State has a little more credibility on this issue:



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