Just shut up and fly, or take the damn bus!

Posted: November 23, 2010 in General Stupidity
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Ok, I am totally sick and tired of the so-called controversy surrounding the TSA body scanners at airports, the pat downs and the bullshit national opt-out day on the day before Thanksgiving.  Thank God I’m not flying that day because if a bunch of these idiots decided to deliberately slow down the lines and I missed my flight, well, lets just say when TSA did a rectal scan they’d know my shoe size.

Now, I’ve got as much, or more of a libertarian side to me as others and I don’t want people in my business without good reason.  But, when the activity is purely optional and the alternative is an increased risk of the plane I’m getting on blowing up, I’m ok with some extra security. 

First off the scanners don’t identify you and who really cares if  someone you’ll never meet can see your naked form for 30 seconds, are you that ashamed of your body, if so maybe you should take a lesson from this writer and breast cancer survivor and just get over it:


Secondly, the only reason someone might bump your junk with their hand is that you denied the scanner and knew that was the alternative, I guess that you’re special and you know you’re not a bomber so we should just let you pass right through, but check all those Arab looking guys with the turbans, oops he’s a Sikh, not an Arab.

When 9/11 happened you all screamed that we need better security on airplanes. 

 Then when the shoe bomber nearly pulled off a bomb on a commercial jet liner you all screamed we need better security on airplanes:


then when someone plotted to blow up planes with liquids you screamed we need better security:


and when the underwear bomber tried:


And we can’t assume we’re safe now since the Yemen linked Al Qaeda attacks just occurred:


But then when the government actually provides that extra security you scream foul!  You can’t see me naked.  So as usual you want additional security for other people, particularly ones that don’t pass the WASP test.  Are you people stupid enough to think it’s impossible to plant a bomb on a child, a disabled person or a grandmother?  So here is the deal folks, this is your choice, don’t bitch when the next plane blows up and then you can call for slackened security.  But you won’t, no matter what security is in place you’ll look to the government as a scape goat.

Unfortunately we are not as good as the Israelis as this yet, if we were we could implement the type of system they use:


However, security measures in Israel have developed out of necessity, people launch rockets into Israel, suicide bombers detonate themselves in coffee houses and on busses so they have had to be better than anyone in the world.  Instead of whining about an inconvenience maybe Americans should thank God we don’t live under the security threats the Israelis do.


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