Facebook ruined my marriage!

Posted: November 19, 2010 in General Stupidity
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So some pastor has decided that he’s seen too many marriages in his congregation destroyed by the evils of Facebook so he’s banned anyone working at the church from being on Facebook if they are married.  He’s also highly recommending that his married parishioners dump it as well because you might bump into someone from your pre-christian life.  This little bit of so-called news on CNN this morning led to the writing of this:

Facebook Destroyed My Marriage                                                                 11/18/10


Facebook destroyed my marriage
before that it was Google
before that it was AOL Chat
couldn’t possibly be a lack of

Even earlier we knew
that violent video games
made my kid a killer
before that it was Dungeons & Dragons
before that it was violent movies
couldn’t possibly have been his
drug addiction
psychological issues
fucked up family

Even earlier than that
we knew that music ruined my child
Marilyn Manson made him worship the devil
Metal made him suicidal
Elvis made her a whore
Couldn’t possibly have been
being a teenager

What saddens me most
is that in all of these things
the one thing that’s missing
is personal responsibility
parents are never at fault
kids are never at fault
spouses are never at fault
suck it up America
bad examples
are everywhere
but YOU chose to act

  1. Ozzy says:

    Elvis made me a whore!

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