The Current Trend in Prosperity Rankings for the United States

Posted: November 18, 2010 in economy, education, environment
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So recently the annual Legatum Prosperity Index rankings were released and I’m happy to say that the United States has ranked once again in the top 10.  The rankings are based upon a set of factors including: economics; education; governance; health; entrepreneurship; safety and personal freedom.   To take a look at the annual ranking you can click on the link below:

The disturbing thing however about the rankings is that this year the United States was number 10, a pretty good ranking.  However as you can see in the link below, in 2009 we were ranked 8th and in 2008 we were ranked 6th.  A trend that does not bode well for America and only part of the drop is related to our recent economic troubles.  I worry that this trend will continue in the United States as our government seems ever more willing to clip our civil liberties and increase our taxes.  Our current budget woes will cause local and state governments to make cutbacks to services over the next three to five years and I fear that these actions will cut ever deeper into our Prosperity Index ranking


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