Cruise to Hell Part II

Posted: November 12, 2010 in General Stupidity
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Ok, so put TV cameras in front of people and they go all drama queen, this is so amazing to me, really people, REALLY!  What got me fired up today besides a totally idiotic and incompetent new physician at my HMO?  This statement by cruise passenger Leticia Lewis and I quote,  “I’m so thankful that we’re all alive.”

Thankful to be alive?  Thankful to be alive!  They had food, water, shelter and probably even lubricants for those special moments but she’s thankful to be alive!  Come on people, when the USS Ronald Reagan arrived on the scene the first thing they did was to dispatch medics to the cruise ship to triage the wounded.  What did they find, nothing, not a single injury, no premature births, not even a bloody scratch. NO ONE WAS EVER IN DANGER!

I am begging the news channels to ignore this story, I know if it bleeds it leads, but guess what, no one was bleeding.  Good God!  Go to Indonesia, to Haiti people really are dropping dead there in droves from horrible things like being burned alive and violent earthquakes, hell if you really want to shock people, people are literally shitting themselves to death in Haiti!!!!

My God we’ve run out of legitimate news sources and as a confirmed information and news junky that makes today a very sad day.  If you’d like to personally witness the deplorable condition of the drama queens from the cruise to Hell you can see them on the link below:


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