Mystery Missile Launch, Chemtrail Tanker, just an Airplane, of course not it’s Swamp Gas!

Posted: November 11, 2010 in paranormal
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So yesterday a news helicopter off of the coast of California filmed something that looks very much like a missile launch.  Today a lot of aeronautical experts tried to explain the video away as an optical illusion, essentially what they say is that the image is of a jet heading east towards the camera from the west.  This actually would produce the illusion of the plane going straight up, particularly with the angle from the helicopter.

However, this is not conclusive and there are plenty of former military folks out there getting air time on news programs saying they disagree, who knows.  Of course the conspiracy nuts have leapt in and are claiming that this is a chemtrail tanker caught in the act.  If you don’t know about this particular conspiracy you can find more about it in the link below:

Of course I’m sticking to my guns, just like when they used to investigate old UFO cases it always turned out to be one of two things.  Either Venus, which it clearly isn’t or swamp gas, so I’m going with a giant eruption of swamp gas.  If you’d like to see the video of the supposed missile click the link below:


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