Sharron Angle’s concession speech a breakdown

Posted: November 4, 2010 in political stupidity
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Sharron Angle’s concession speech a breakdown:

She talks like she’s either out of breath or trying to seduce the microphone

3:54 is when it starts to get odd

5:16 she takes credit for inspiring Republicans AND Democrats (hey Sharon they voted against you)

8:50 she goes through all of the things we want (Sharron, we didn’t want you to represent us)

9:45 the Guinness Book of Records certifies the most uses of the word God, in one sentence.

After eleven minutes of concession speech, I never heard her congratulate Harry Reid on his victory, only to keep him to his promise to remember the constitution.    Hopefully our farewell to Sharron Angle. 

Below is a link to a blog that contains the actual concession speech video:


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