Fun Friday: Time Travelers Among Us?!

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Friday Fun
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Ok so this has been a weird sort of synchronous week, last Saturday while watching college football the announcers and graphics were showing a term FBS.  Now I’ve been watching college football for a long time and I had no idea what that meant, yet the announcers were tossing around like they’d been using it their whole life.  Turns out it means football bowl subdivision, but it’s a new term to me, I had an odd thought at the time, “hey this is exactly the kind of little changes we would see if some time traveler went back in time and screwed up the timeline.”  For those of you who are not science fiction nerds like me there is a rule with time travel, never do anything that would impact the future.  But of course, inevitably in every science fiction story some little mistake leads to some minor change at the end with a wink and a nod.

Anyway I probably would have forgotten for this in a week or two but then today a headline caught my attention, “Time Traveler Caught on Film in 1928.”  The story which if you haven’t seen it is linked below, is that in the extra footage at the back of a DVD of Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus there is a woman walking along talking on what looks like a cell phone.  Now of course it’s not a cell phone, lack of towers an all, but it could be a mobile communication device or even a small voice recorder.  In one angle of the slow motion feed, you can clearly see her talking.

Now some of the theories are that she’s using an ear-trumpet or scratching her ear but it sure is a tantalizing piece of evidence to talk about.  Now let’s go a little further down the rabbit hole and take a look at another photo from 1905 of someone people refer to as “the punk.”  Of course this picture to me isn’t all that convincing it looks to me like a guy with an unfortunate loss of hair leaving him with a sad mohawk-like hair remainder.  Take a look for yourself.

Now the really interesting piece to me is a photograph referred to as the hipster.  In the picture that I’ve linked to below a crowd is looking at the opening of a bridge in 1940.  In the crowd is someone who really seems out-of-place, there is even a woman looking at him kind of funny and a guy to his side sort of sneering down at him.  This is a museum photo, now found as an image in a virtual museum and is really quite intriguing.  Analysis seems to validate this as a photo that has not been digitally altered, so we’ll leave it for you to decide, just a weird guy or a time traveler caught on film?

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