Minor Rant about THE EVENT; but check out Chase

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Television
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Ok, so I’m a pretty hard-core science fiction fan and given the durth of good science fiction on TV it’s pretty easy to draw me into a new science fiction show.  I bought into Heroes and for the first season it was pretty good but it went south way too fast and I had to give up on it.  The SyFy channel scored massively with Battlestar Gallactica except for possibly the last episode but when hasn’t a good series ended goofy recently?

So it was with some anticipation and excitement that I looked forward to another science fiction series, and although the “What is the Event?” commercials were a bit over the top, I still hoped for something better than network TVs last attempt the reimagined V.  So I settled in and set my DVR and now six or seven episodes I feel free to call THE EVENT a complete NON-EVENT.  After at least six episodes there is not a single character I care about, ok, I care about the hot young blonde, but only because she’s the only eye-candy on the show.  The rest of the characters are either flat, or despicable or unbelievably boring.  THE EVENT, has even stopped talking about the THE EVENT after the second episode and I’m not sure there even is an event anymore.  The plot line of this series is plodding along at a slug’s space and sadly, I will now give up on another science fiction story.

Spoiler Alert

So in the end the series premise is that all-powerful, slow aging aliens have been locked in an Alaskan jail for sixty years.  They apparently can traverse space, walk out of the Alaskan wilderness in winter wearing light clothing, snatch aircraft out of the air and drop it thousands of miles away, and collapse giant buildings.  BUT they couldn’t break out of jail?  Or their compatriots on the outside couldn’t break them out, yes the same guys snatching jets out of the sky can’t snatch another alien out of an Alaskan jail.  And of course there is the government, and shadow government operatives and crazy UFO conspiracy types but in the end all very predictable and boring.  The last straw for me was the alien with a conscience, Simon, as he’s helping a wounded man out of a collapsing building he’s trapped and almost certainly killed in the collapse.  At that moment I told myself ok, if they have the courage to kill of a character, the only character barely worth caring about, there is hope and it looked like they did.  Then in the scenes for next week, there is Simon in a hospital bed, good God, no creativity, no excitement and no courage on the part of the writers, goodbye to THE EVENT, hello more space on my DVR.

And one last thing, check out CHASE it comes on at 10PM on the same channel and it’s a way better show, better writing, characters to care about, good action and a whole lot more eye-candy.


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