Let’s Stop Credit Score Discrimination

Posted: October 26, 2010 in economy
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There is something that has been going on for a while that I really feel needs to be ended, and that is allowing your potential employer to base their decision on whether or not to hire you based upon your credit score.  Now I know my conservative friends are going to give me a hard time over this and yes before you accuse me otherwise, I do believe and support the idea of free enterprise.  However I also believe in people to have the right be judged on their abilities and not some number generated by a triumvirate of credit bureaus.

Given the potential inaccuracy of those numbers not related to your actual actions I feel it is wholly unjust to use it as a metric of whether or not I’m a good employee.  First, given the increase in identity theft your credit score may get hammered at any time because someone has stolen your identity.  Should the period between the theft and use of your information and a job interview coincide you might not get a job offer due to someone else stealing your identity.  Even worse, your potential employer isn’t going to say we didn’t hire you because of your credit score, they are just going to say sorry, you didn’t get the job and actually delay the amount of time before you are alerted to the identity theft.

Secondly, often people who are going through a divorce can have their credit score destroyed by the inappropriate actions of their soon to be ex-spouse.  Often times this can be a root cause of the divorce, so I ask you, should your future career be held hostage to the fact that your ex-ruined destroyed your credit financing his mistress’ breast enhancement and spa recovery, or because he got underwater on her condo that you weren’t even aware you co-owned.  I think this system is especially unfair to people who are financially linked to people going through addiction and substance abuse, or even worse whose credit has been destroyed because of their now dead spouse’s medical bills.  Is that fair, sorry your wife died of cancer but because of the screwed up health care system in the US we’re going to hammer you again.  Just plain wrong in my opinion.

Now once again before my conservative friends jump me, yes people should be vigilant about their credit histories and that is their responsibilities.  But even for a vigilant person, it can take years to clear up issues from identity theft or even mistaken identity by a credit agency.  In the end, I hope what it really ends up meaning is that the companies who take this type of action end up getting burned, but the karma wheel doesn’t always spin so fast.  Sometimes you have to be the helping hand of karma and in this case, legislate this type of activity as discriminatory.  I’ll take a better solution from anyone who can accomplish the same things without involving attorneys.

The link below is to an article on the issue:



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