Has Juan Williams fallen prey to Politically Correct America?

Posted: October 23, 2010 in political correctness, political stupidity
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Wow do I hate to agree with Fox News and especially Bill O’Reilly the giant wind bag.  But I have to admit that I think NPR over reacted in firing Juan Williams for the comments he made.  I hear a lot of comparisons to CNN firing Rick Sanchez but I think there is a very big difference between the two events.  In the case of Rick Sanchez, he lit into a tirade about how another entertainer, Jon Stewart, was a bigot and then went on to suggest that all media was controlled by the Jews a very old and tired clichéd conspiracy theory.  Sanchez was attacking an individual and specifically calling him a bigot, not cool.

In Williams’ case Juan Williams admitted a thought that goes through most of our heads and probably even the heads of fellow Muslims.  Because the terrorists on 9/11 were Muslim, and because we have now painted the image of the boogey man in our society in the image of Osama Bin Laden seeing someone wearing Arabic clothing get on a plane makes everyone nervous.  Now, do any of us get up and run off the plane, of course not.  Why not?  Because deep down we all know that logically someone dressed like that draws extra attention in security and that the 9/11 terrorists did their best to blend in, as would any future terrorist.

Now, was what Juan Williams did smart?  Apparently not, he lost his job, and in a society where we are overly sensitive to issues related to the Islamic faith speaking that open and honestly was highly risky.  However that does not make what happened right.  In my opinion he should have been censured or suspended but being fired doesn’t seem to be an appropriate response.

America is just too damn sensitive these days, I would be very much in favor of firing Williams if he’d said half of the bigoted things Bill O’Reilly says.  So in the end, Juan Williams will end up full-time at Fox News where he can be completely bigoted and not worry about it.  In the end this just adds to the giant circus that is our current media.

So friends my question to you tonight is this, with a completely screwed up political process and a completely screwed up and biased media, how do the people of this country find out the truth about what’s going on?  Right now all we have to listen to is overly conservative biased, overly liberally biased or tabloid gossip news. 

I hate to leave a piece like this without any suggestions of solutions so I’ll tell you what I do to try an keep updated on what’s truly happening.  I read the NY TIMES, the Christian Science Monitor and look at the BBC News website.  Although the NY TIMES certainly is on the liberal side the information is generally good.  The Christian Science Monitor is a fantastic newspaper and the BBC is a great place to see what’s happening in America, the way other people see us.

The link below will take you to the details of the Juan Williams story:



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